Project planning

The more I think about the stair vacuum project the more I see that there are three major disciplines.


  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Software

while the last one was the starter of the project I am guessing at this moment its the least difficult. But then again that is my idea at this time. wonder if it will change during the project.

So where am I now at this moment with the three disciplines?


The distance measurements needs to be done, but I need a test set up for it, so waiting on the software at this point. still need to figure out what voltage the devices run on, and what the trigger level should be.


At this moment no idea yet how to get up the stairs, or down for that matter. So I bought some good old Lego to make a model and experiment. Currently on is way, so waiting for it to arrive.


First job is to get the Atmel STK500, then later on I want the unit to work alone so I bought a Orange Pi 2G-IOT to control the whole thing. Why a Orange Pi? well its cheap compared with the Raspberry Pi.  And the io pins are compatible, so why the 2G version? Well I wanted to experiment with the display supplied with the orange pi. For the STK500 I am waiting for a serial to usb convertor so I can talk to it. (nowadays, pc’s don’t have serial port any more.)

So lots to do, and so much time, as there is no dead line.