New Project

New Project

Found a new project to make, and I am calling it StairVacuum. 

Yes. as you expect, its a vacuum for the stairs. 😉

Got some sonic distance meters so the first job is getting them up and running.

Then get a mini computer and some hardware, biggest problem I see so far is getting up the stairs without falling off. 

Getting the Distance measurement done

I found an old development board in the attic, the Atmel STK500.

The idea is to use this old board to make the distance measurement work.

One of the problems is that this device only has a RS232 port for programming the Atmel chip.

The other one is the compiler and Ide to support this board is old, really not windows 10 compatible old.

Search the internet and you will find that only AVR studio 4 has good support for this board.  Luckily there are archives on the web that still have the compilers and ide stored.

After digging and playing around I found that the AVR studio 6 is compatible with the STK500. Problem with the AVR studio 4 is that compiling is a big drama.

Hopefully the next post van contain more info on getting the STK500 running again.